Gupta Enterprises

Our Projects

Serial NumberDate of Agreement Name of workDate of completionAmount of contract (in lacs)Length
126.02.2022Construction of balance work of Bhaugarh Dalauda Sitamau road28.11.20233604.8130.55 Km
213.06.2016Construction of bhavgarh daloda sitamau road length 12.6 km (CC)10.01.20181925.0412.6 Km
314.03.2018Construction and maintenance of rural roads under PMGSY package (75% JV share)13.09.20191594.4128.6 Km
406.08.2022SR work for permanent restoration of damaged portion on Ratlam Nasirabad road (city portion)08.06.20231105.563.15 Km
506.08.2015Upgradation and widening of Ratlam and Nasirabad road into four lane road01.06.20161041.364.3 Km
624.03.2023Construction of Jawasiya to Rankoda, Navankhedi to Tolkedi, Dhakadkhedi to Chhajukheda, Amlavad to Guradiya road912.7611.2 Km
704.02.2021Construction of Kachnara fanta to Nahargarh Bellod road20.08.2022790.558 Km
823.08.2023Construction of Nagari to Kachnara road including poll shifting670.714.74 Km
904.09.2023Construction of Badwan approach road and Ishakpur to Mundla road.573.465.8 Km
1024.01.2023Construction of Hanumantiya (Jaora) to Nagari Akya road25.09.2023497.736.2 Km
1122.11.2017Construction of excellent road from bridge of Yash Nagar to Collectorate bhawan449.451.4 Km
1229.01.2018Construction of Behpur to Bhawgarh road via Dhandoda18.10.2019399.375.2 Km
1313.12.2012Construction of Bhaugarh Nandwel Mata road12.04.2014374.637.8 Km
1403.07.2013Construction of excellent road from Mahaveer gate to Sanjit road26.12.2014367.811.4 Km
1514.07.2023Construction of Amlawad to Tolkhedi road including poll shifting356.374.26 Km
1614.08.2018Construction of Majesra to Guradiyalalmuha road08.06.2020339.75.8 Km
1724.01.2023Construction of Akodara to Tajkhedi road25.09.2023323.282.8 Km
1817.04.2012Construction of rural roads under CMGSY package31.03.2014288.88NA
1903.08.2018Construction of four lane bypass to Bhalot via Beed Navlakha road06.06.2019250.66.2 Km
2029.05.2014Construction of Nimbod road28.12.2014226.262.7 Km
2105.03.2018Construction of cement concrete road main mandi yard, Dalauda04.12.2018218.11 NA
2207.05.2016Construction of four lane road, Pragati Chouraha to Daloda.05.11.2016178.820.5 Km
2303.08.2018Construction of Garoda to Akodara road31.10.2019163.73 Km
2412.09.2019Construction of Guradiyalalmuha to Rakoda road08.06.2020130.642.4 Km
2514.07.2023Construction of Chausla to Ramnagar road including poll shifting and height raising work122.521.3 Km
2625.05.2023BT Renewal work on Pinda Gurarbardiya via Lohari road. Total length – 11.10 km118.0511.10 Km
2708.03.2019BT Renewal (Ishakpur Afjalpur road)25.12.2019102.669.7 Km
2815.12.2022Windmill Project – Civil Work15.07.20231900.57NA