Gupta Enterprises

About us

Gupta Enterprises, a construction company established by Mr. Ashish Gupta in 2001, has grown significantly since its inception. As a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Gupta began with small-scale projects, collaborating with BSNL and managing a workforce of just 30 people. The company achieved a major breakthrough in 2014-15 when it undertook the construction of rural roads for the MPRRDA and PIU Mandsaur. This pivotal project marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth and technical advancement.


Ashish Gupta

Founder and Director

In our era, transportation is key to the ever-growing need for contact between people, communities and regions and for the movement of commodities as part of global and national economies. In India, where most of the remote rural areas lack connectivity and accessibility to cities and towns. We at Gupta Enterprises work for building roads in such remote areas which in turn leads to the growth of the economy as a whole. Our late president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam always used to believe in his vision of India. A key pillar for this vision is its infrastructure and we are proud to say that we at Gupta Enterprises are aligning with this vision.

Today, Gupta Enterprises is recognized as the most technically proficient and productive construction company in the region. Its workforce has expanded to include over 170 skilled individuals, reflecting the company’s commitment to expertise and quality.

In FY 22-23, Gupta Enterprises completed a significant EPC order for the Public Works Department six months ahead of schedule, showcasing its efficiency and dedication to excellence. The company’s journey to success is defined by hard work, respect for relationships, and an unwavering drive to excel in every endeavor.